SYP 2022 Proceedings

Tuesday 1st November 2022

Opening session

Opening of SYP2022, Chairman of the Board Markus Airila, Finnish Nuclear Society (ATS)
Greetings from the Government, Director General Riku Huttunen, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
The future energy system – how to make it work?, Senior Vice President Jussi Jyrinsalo, Fingrid
Lessons Learnt from a New Build Project OL3, CEO Jarmo Tanhua, TVO

Downloadable content, Opening session

Technical session: Small Modular Reactors in Society

Investments in Nuclear Heating in Helsinki Metropolitan Area During Volatile Energy Markets, Esa Pursinheimo, VTT
A Small Modular Reactor next door? The opinions of the Finnish-speaking residents of the Helsinki metropolitan area to the distance from a possible SMR unit, Matti Kojo, LUT
Prospects of electricity and heat-only SMRs in the Baltic RegionTomi Lindroos, VTT

Technical session: Nuclear Fuel and Materials 1

Additive Manufacturing in Fuel Fabrication, Uffe Bergmann, Westinghouse
European collaboration on nuclear fuel behavioural analyses under EU-OperaHPC, Janne Heikinheimo, VTT
Implementation and Validation of MOX Fuel Models in FINIX, Valtteri Turkki, VTT

Technical session: Fusion Technology

Nuclear Technology Activities under ECO-Fusion Project – What is Needed to Design a Fusion Power Plant? Antti Hakola, VTT (slides, paper)

Privately funded fusion research status and fusion regulation, Tomas Lindén, Helsinki Institute of Physics (slides)

Design-Phase Probabilistic Risk Assessment for the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility, Tero Tyrväinen, VTT (slides, paper)

Technical session: Neutronics

Serpent2 neutronics
calculations for a
HELIAS fusion reactor, Antti Snicker, Aalto

Ongoing Serpent 2
neutronics studies of
Jules Horowitz Reactor, Jussi Peltonen, VTT

Neutronics for DEMO
Fusion Power Plant:
Serpent2 Modelling of
14.1 MeV Neutrons in
Reactor Mock‐Up
Components, Lucia Sanchis, Aalto

Verification of Ants
time‐dependent nodal
neutronics model, Unna Lauranto, VTT