General schedule

The program of the Nuclear Science and Technology Symposium 2016 consists of Plenary Sessions that are common to all conference participants (yellow background in the following timetable) and a number of parallel Technical Sessions (blue). Poster Sessions are held during breaks (red). In addition, the conference program includes a Studia Generalia lecture that is open to all.

Note! The FNS 50 Years Celebration marked in the timetable is not part of the conference program.

NST2016 tentative schedule (as of 14 March 2016)

  Wed 2 Nov 2016   Thu 3 Nov2016
8:00 (Technical Sessions)   (Technical Sessions)
9:00 Opening Session   Plenary Session
10:00 Technical Sessions and Workshops   Technical Sessions
12:00 Lunch   Concluding Session
13:00 Technical Sessions   Lunch
14:00 Coffee and Poster  Session    
15:00 Plenary Session    
16:00 Technical Sessions    
17:00     Studia Generalia
19:00 FNS 50 Years Celebration    

Detailed schedule

Detailed schedule of individual presentations in the Technical Sessions and program of the Plenary Sessions will be published later.

The tentative draft program of SYP2016 can be downloaded from this link from Sep 14 onwards.


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